The brochure is one of the best ways to present your company. There are tri-fold brochures used to advertise a new product or service that your company offers, or there are bi-fold folders that are used to present your company projects outside or inside it. There are different brochure types, and every type has a different way to be designed. The criterion adopted to design a bi-fold brochure to present your company projects for internal use would be different from the one for external use.

A well designed brochure is the best way to introduce your company to your potential customers.

A brochure has three functions:

  • Informative function: a brochure is usually used to inform your potential customers with regards to your company. This information is related to your company presentation, a new product or service that your company offers, or a recent change in your company name, etc.
  • Advertising function: a brochure is really important as an advertising tool, which attractively allows you to promote one or more products or services. For further details this function will be analyzed in the section called Advertising aspect.
  • Identification function: a well-done brochure design allows you to maintain a same criterion through all your company brochures. If this criterion (sometimes called concept) is unified in all the brochure types, it will make your company to be recognized automatically. It will give to your company prestige and credibility. It is important for your company brochure not only have a “concept”, but also to have a logo: a well designed logo is essential for any company, is one of the first steps to start an advertising campaign.

These three functions should have an interaction. The brochure should be the result of that interaction, otherwise it won’t be effective. Maybe one of those stands out more than the others, but this shouldn’t affect your brochure design. For example, if your company launches a new product and decides to have a brochure designed for this launch, the function that will stand out on your brochure would be the advertising one, even though this brochure could have information regarding the product and at the same time represent your company.

But if your company presents a project to another company’s executives, the function that would appear at the first sight in this brochure is the identification one, which makes your company to be seen secure and prestigious, while the advertising and the informative functions would be in a second place.

The brochure is very important when we talk about your corporate image. You have to discuss with your design company what would be the best brochure format to choose, since that choice is decisive if you want your company to be identified in an efficient way. An advertising brochure could be colorful and have big typography, but those characteristics aren’t the right ones for a project presentation, since that project could have a simple, austere and formal brochure design. Morphologically it’s not the same presenting a project with a tri-fold brochure than with folder with inserts. Maybe both options ate right, but you have to decide which one will be more convenient and if it will maximize your benefits.

You could find out more about this morphological aspect in the section called brochure types, where we’ll be showing you different brochure formats.

In a few words, to plan your company brochure you have to:

  • Think about your brochure objective and function.
  • Stand out one of its functions, like informative, advertising or identification functions.
  • Check if those functions are in the brochure, even though one stands out and the others don’t.
  • Choose the right brochure format based on its objective.

This site has been created to inform you how important a brochure could be to improve your corporate image.

We’ll be taking a look to these three fundamental points:

  1. General and morphological features
  2. Advertising aspects
  3. Production process

This site exists since it is almost unknown how efficiently a brochure could improve your corporate image and its development. But unfortunately when a company is in the process of growing, the brochure is considered an unnecessary and irrelevant object for this growth.

Too many people think that doing a brochure is so simple that anybody can do it at any free time and the rest of the work is finished at the printing house. Because of this, too many printing houses not only offer you to have your brochure printed, but also to have it designed. Sometimes those are standardized designs and your brochure depends on people that don’t have experience on designing a brochure, that haven’t done any marketing investigation and can’t even offer you any experts in marketing or writing as the companies that are specialized in brochure design do.

The companies that are specialized in brochure design have all the necessary tools to make a good job on your company brochure design.

This work is not done only by the company, but with you. It has different stages:

  1. Exchange of ideas. This exchange is between you and the brochure design company. Here is where you tell the company what you have in mind to have your brochure done, and according to that the company will offer you new ideas and options.
  2. Compile the information. In this stage is where the images and texts for the brochure are chosen. It is possible that you have them already, or you want to be in charge of getting them, but if you don’t, there are writers available in these companies that can write the text as well as these companies can offer you getting the images for your brochure. This could help you to have your brochure done in a professional way.
  3. Revision. Once the design company has finished designing your brochure, you will be able to analyze if this brochure is the one that you were expecting or if you would like to make some changes on it.
  4. Translation. This is a service that is offer by some companies in order for your company to be known in other regions.
  5. Delivery. After all the revisions have been done and you have approved them, the design process is finished. Your design company will give you a file including your brochure ready to be sent to the printing house.

We created this site to help you to think what would be the best and the most convenient way for you to know about the brochure and its aspects.

It is important that you analyze every brochure aspect, fundamentally because every one of those will be helping you to have an effective brochure. The design companies are in charge of designing your brochure, but they can’t decide everything, it is you the one that decides how you want your brochure to be done. For that you have to be informed about the brochure and its general and specifics features, related to your corporate image or the way you want your company to be seen by your customers. These are the things that can’t be done by a specialized brochure design company, they could suggest you but you’re the only one that has the last word on your brochure design.

Usually the brochure design is done by companies that are in charge of any corporate image aspect. These companies consist of designers, marketing and advertising experts, writers, SEOs, programmers and sales representatives.

The main difference between doing your brochure with a designer and hiring a company is that the company not only is in charge of designing your brochure, but also is able to provide you with more benefits regarding your corporate image and your projects.

If your company is thinking about designing a corporate image, there are some issues that you will need to have solved before starting with a brochure design. But you could solve these issues with the company that you want to hire to design your brochure.

The concern of this page is the brochure, but in order for you to have further details and information about the importance of having a corporate image we’ll recommending you other site.

It is important that you know all the concerns regarding a corporate image design, because that will help you to think every single aspect that the brochure has. There is something else that has to be on your brochure, and that is the company logo. This logo will be helping your to make your company to be identifiable. That means that you could have your company brochure designed provided that you have already designed a logo for your corporate image.

Once the design of your brochure has finished, the printing house is in charge of making it come true. This is the last step before this brochure is in your hands.

Generally, the companies that are specialized in brochure design don’t have their own printers. You are the one that is going to find the best printing house to get your brochure printed.

In this section well be showing you different brochure types and their morphological features. As we said before, choosing the right brochure format will determine its effectiveness.

It isn’t necessary to have your brochure format already decided; you could have in mind some options or your design company could suggest you a specific format depending on your objective. Some formats are chosen not only for the way the information is presented in these, but also for their comfort and morphological aspect. For example, a marketing investigator would rather prefer presenting his marketing investigation in a bi-fold brochure with inserts, because it would be not only the more convenient way, but also it would allow him to put his report inside the folder, to have his name and the company name he works for or the one that requested the report on its cover.

These are the more common formats; they’re followed by a picture in order for you to imagine which one you would like to order for your company.

Bi-fold brochure Letter or A4 size

These are the more usual formats that generally contain or help to organize the brochure functions. But sometimes there are other formats not so well known that you could use for a specific situation. Among those formats we could mention the envelope, having an enveloped designed could be really effective for your corporate image. Sending envelopes with products, services or promotions information is an investment. A potential customer will consider your company as an important and prestigious one, even more if he receives a letter with your corporate image on its envelope. Some people think that having your own envelopes is just a detail, but it can’t be denied that your company will be seen in a different way than before.

It doesn’t mean that if your company doesn’t have its own envelopes it’s not a prestigious one (that happens with major companies), but we want you to consider this brochure type as an interesting an affordable way to improve your corporate image.

Having a brochure will improve your image and your profits.

The size is other morphological aspect. You have to consider the brochure size when you’re thinking about your brochure design and objective.

It’s important having the brochure size chosen at the time of designing, because it will determine how the designer will be working. It will be different for him working with a small brochure than with a big one.

The format and its size have to coincide with the intention of your brochure. For example, doing a tri-fold brochure with an A3 size to be given out in the streets is not effective, because it would be difficult to be kept and would be inconveniencing the receiver. And if the receiver decides to keep it, he would need to fold something that is already folded (the way a brochure is folded is the way that you want the information to be read), and when he decides to read it, he would be having in his hands a brochure that doesn’t show off. This is a damage for you and your company. Therefore, the best solution in this situation would be having a smaller size than before, so that could be kept without having to be folded.

Planning a brochure depends on the decisions that you and your design company have to take. But this plan is not only based on those decisions but also in the relationship that your company and your design company have.

That means that you will be hiring other company, and be delegating to them something that your company can’t be in charge of doing, like how to choose a paper for your brochure, even though the printing house is in charge of getting the paper and not the design company.

Although the design company is the one that decides how to work, its method and its development, this will be done together with you. The result of this relationship will be an effective and professional work.

Before starting, the design company will listen your ideas, and then they will be suggesting you some recommendations. You could take or not those recommendations.

In this section we want to highlight the importance of having a good and professional relationship with your design company. A constant and dynamic relation, that could allows you not to be in charge of your brochure all the time. The brochure has several qualifications that require having this type of relation. For example, choosing a type of paper for the brochure won’t be probably a problem, but is has to be chosen before continuing with the designing work, and as we mentioned in the section called Advertising Aspect, it has to be chosen depending on it convenience. But the brochure concept is something that would be more difficult, and that couldn’t be solved in the first interview. It is difficult because it is hard to explain in a few words how you want your brochure to be. At least you could express what your brochure intention is, and some basic morphological aspects.

The graphic designers will start working on your brochure, after finishing they will be getting in touch with you to show you your brochure, to see if it satisfies your expectations. They will call you once they have some brochure samples, and you will choose the one that fits your needs.

Having a good relationship with your design company is important because it will give efficient and effective results.

In this section we will be providing you with information about the elements that you have to collect to be given to your design company before they start designing your brochure.

Firstly, you have to think the objective or intention of your brochure, if it is going to be an advertising or informative brochure, for internal or external use, or both. If it is going to be distributed to everybody or to a few people. We mentioned this in other sections already.

Secondly, you have to have the text that you are going to use in your brochure. But before, you need to have an interview with somebody that works in the design company, that can help you to know how the text should be done (if you prefer you could exchange this ideas by mail). This representative will let you know how this text should be presented, how many characters you should use, and if it is going to be written in an informal or formal way.

Some companies have writers that can write the text for your brochure, and that can help you to delegate to them something that you might not have the time for doing.

Thirdly, you have to think about the pictures that you are going to have on your brochure. You could collect the pictures that you want to be showed in your brochure, but if you don’t have any, your design company will provide you with an image archive, in order for you to choose the ones that you think that are more convenient or the ones that represent your product or company.

It is a bit complicated choosing pictures for your brochure, not only because of its convenience, but also because of its quality. Sometimes some clients give to the design companies some pictures that they want to be showed and their brochure, but they’re not even good picture since they don’t have a good quality. For example, a client hires a design company to make a brochure, and he wants to have a picture of his company on it. The picture that the client has isn’t in good conditions to be in that brochure, so that is why the design company will consider taken a picture of that company by a professional. We could say that choosing an image or picture is more complicated than writing the text for the brochure.

The text and images have to be ready before starting with the brochure design. Always try to listen the recommendations that are being suggested to you, because they will help you to optimize your brochure design.

The brochure is used by major companies and small companies in the process of growing.

If you’re the owner of a small company, and your want to start creating a prestigious corporate image, a brochure is the best option for you.

It’s a very affordable investment, and it will be giving you benefits as well as helping you on your advertising campaign.

Your company will be seen as a consolidated one if it has a well designed brochure. When you have a well done brochure you could be sure that it will be transmitting an integrity sensation of your company, even though people tend to think that having a brochure is something expensive and only for big companies.

It is right to say that planning a brochure requires time and some staff members. And the small companies don’t have time, not even a staff for deciding how to do a brochure, because of this they decide to hire a company that is specialized in brochure design. This company will be in charge of doing everything that is related to the brochure, they will make a marketing investigation, decide the brochure format and design it. When they have finished, they will call their client. And the client will decide if the brochure will be changed or not. If there is any change that the client would like to make on the design, the format or the size, that will be showed to the design company

The brochure will be finished once the client’s preferences and needs have been satisfied. And it will improve your profits once it is distributed.

In conclusion, the brochure could be used by major and smalls companies that want to improve their corporate image. The brochure will be benefiting their company at the lower cost.

These are the main aspects of a brochure. In this section we will be learning how these aspects works.

These powerful aspects are based on two characteristics; the first one is that the brochure has an immediate effect, and the second is that it is a material object.

In the first one, the brochure is presented to a potential customer; and it causes an immediate recognition effect. Its colors, diagram, typography, and mainly your company logo attract your potential customers´ attention and help them to recognize your company.

In traditional advertising, the receiver realizes about what company is the advertising from once the advertising clarifies it. But with the brochure, this recognition is immediate. The subconscious perception that is caused when a person can’t clearly recognize a company would be different from that perception that is felt when a company is introduced by itself. There is a design concept that will appear through all your different brochures, this is a characteristic that doesn’t bring your potential customers attention, and works subconsciously. Your potential customers will recognize that specific design that your company has, but this will be a subconscious perception. And next time they receive a new brochure of your company, subconsciously they know that this brochure belongs to your company but they don’t know that consciously. They experience a familiarity feeling with that brochure they have just received, but they don’t know why they feel the way they do. And when they realize that it’s your brochure company, they automatically relate that familiarity feeling to your company. It is not a negligible effect; you have to consider this effect as an advertising priority if you want to establish a relation with your potential customers.

When the marketing experts thing about a product design, they consider its recognition effect and how it persuades the customer. The brochure design is the best way to present your projects, your products ore services

The second characteristic that this advertising aspect has is the materiality.

The first characteristic is based on the sense of sight, and the second one in the sense of touch.

When you’re planning your company brochure, you have to think about its concept, its format, its size; as well as the type of paper the brochure is going to be printed on. The designer needs to know which type of paper you decided to use, since the brochure design will be depending on that. It’s not the same printing on a simple paper than doing that on a glossy or matte illustration paper.

Although in the marketing area there is not a wide investigation about the importance that the senses have in the consumer’s behavior, not even in the importance of the sense of touch, we could provide you with some information about how the sense of touch has influence on the consumer’s behavior and how this influence could be used as a marketing tool.

Some investigations reveal that the texture of a product has a direct relation with the customer’s associations. A smooth texture could be associated to the luxury or the femaleness, while a rough texture is associated to the maleness or the durability. When a consumer sees a flexible product he associates that product to the flexibility or the versatility, or when he sees a rigid product he associates that characteristic to the power and the security.

This means that you have to think what type of paper would be the most effective to transmit the message that you want your company brochure to transmit.

Let’s think this with some examples:

  • A wedding dress company makes a catalog launch with the three latest dresses the company made, and at the same time decides to design a brochure to be given out in the wedding dress stores. Let’s suppose that this company decides to have a tri-fold brochure, which paper should they use? It could be a smooth and bright paper that can help to associate the elegance and femaleness with the wedding dresses. Or there could be another option; if they use a rigid and thick paper the receiver might associate that with his future marriage, a firm and durable marriage that could let him feel secure and confident.
  • An electrical appliance company wants to send by mail a brochure of its latest vacuum cleaner. It is a really revolutionary device that is anatomically adapted at the time of cleaning: it turns, it is easy adaptable to any area, etc. This brochure will be sent to a list of people that the company already has, they are people that have already purchased there. This company has created a secure, durable and powerful image; it’s a company that is considered reliable by its customer at the time of purchasing a reliable and durable electrical appliance. Which paper should this company use for its brochure? A good option is designing an envelope with the company name and its logo, it should be made of a thick, rigid, matte and rough paper that could show how reliable and secure this company is. The brochure that is inside the envelope could be made of a fine and bright paper, easy to be folded, and that could be associated with the versatility, the cleanness, the fatness. This second association is related to the product, while the first one is related to the company.

With regards to the materiality, we have to consider other aspects. The brochure is the only advertising object that can go in into your potential customers´ houses. The same happens with the TV and radio advertising, but they have a short permanence in their houses. But the brochure will still be there, to be taken and read at any time. The brochure is taken by your potential customers´ hands, is like having your product in their hands, they just need to go and purchase it.

In conclusion, we could say that a brochure is the only advertising object that coexists with your potential customers; it’s a tangible, material and real object.