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How to Design Brochures?

Planning a brochure depends on the decisions that you and your design company have to take. But this plan is not only based on those decisions but also in the relationship that your company and your design company have.

That means that you will be hiring other company, and be delegating to them something that your company can’t be in charge of doing, like how to choose a paper for your brochure, even though the printing house is in charge of getting the paper and not the design company.

Although the design company is the one that decides how to work, its method and its development, this will be done together with you. The result of this relationship will be an effective and professional work.

Before starting, the design company will listen your ideas, and then they will be suggesting you some recommendations. You could take or not those recommendations.

In this section we want to highlight the importance of having a good and professional relationship with your design company. A constant and dynamic relation, that could allows you not to be in charge of your brochure all the time. The brochure has several qualifications that require having this type of relation. For example, choosing a type of paper for the brochure won’t be probably a problem, but is has to be chosen before continuing with the designing work, and as we mentioned in the section called Advertising Aspect, it has to be chosen depending on it convenience. But the brochure concept is something that would be more difficult, and that couldn’t be solved in the first interview. It is difficult because it is hard to explain in a few words how you want your brochure to be. At least you could express what your brochure intention is, and some basic morphological aspects.

The graphic designers will start working on your brochure, after finishing they will be getting in touch with you to show you your brochure, to see if it satisfies your expectations. They will call you once they have some brochure samples, and you will choose the one that fits your needs.

Having a good relationship with your design company is important because it will give efficient and effective results.

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