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Gate-Fold Brochure Design

A gate-fold is a brochure which consists of a sheet with two folds that form a piece consisting of 3 panels on each side as in the tri-fold, but whose central panel is twice as wide as the two edges. Thus, the left and right edges work as the "doors" allowing you to see and hide the content of central panel. In this format, there are 2 small panels functioning as the covers (the graphics is split), an interior consisting of 3 panels (2 small panels at the ends and a large central panel), and a large panel on the reverse side of the gate-fold, which is generally used for contact information or technical specifications.

Additionally, the brochure can be folded again down to the middle to end up with a 4 side panels piece. Generally, a cover, two panels of secondary covers (the graphics is split as in the open gate fold) or introductory content, an internal part comprising 4 panels and a back panel used for contact information.

Due to the fact that the smaller panel in either modification is always 1/4 of the total width, it is recommended to use convenient sizes starting from at least LGL open. In this case, it is an ideal alternative to the tri-fold. Larger sizes are possible, it is even relatively common to come across brochures that have four panels LTR each, which, once opened completely, measure 34" wide. In these cases, they are very high-end brochures designed to publicize high-value products and services or to present leading enterprises. In such cases, the total cost of brochure is significantly influenced by the high printing costs and the cost of a particular type of paper. A pocket or pockets for flyers, business cards or inserts are also common in gate-fold brochures.