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Flyer Design

Flyers are the pieces of editorial design most widely used for advertising purposes. They have no folds but can be single or double sided.

There are innumerable sizes, but mostly they are the divisions of standard sizes used in every country, ie, LTR or A4, and their further divisions and rotations. They are used almost everywhere and anytime usually to promote medium-, and low-value products and services or for temporary promotion events, since flyers have a short-period useful life.

Printing costs are the lowest due to small and standard sizes of sheets. They can be easily printed digitally, even at home. Many flyers do not justify printing in full color, so they generally use fewer inks in order to lower costs.

Flyer Design Samples

Reed Electric And Field Service

Flyer SS / Single-sided flyer, LTR for Reed Electric And Field Service in California (CA) / Nevada (NV)

GAL Manufacturing

Flyer GA Lileo / Single-sided flyer, LTR for GAL Manufacturing in New York (NY)

Wholesale Fund

Flyer SS / Single-sided flyer, LTR for Wholesale Fund in Arizona (AZ)

Allied Home Health Care

Flyer SS / Single-sided flyer, LTR for Allied Home Health Care in Massachusetts (MA)

Bullseye Broadcasting

Flyer PRPL / Single-sided flyer, LTR for Bullseye Broadcasting in New York (NY)


Flyer SS Products / Single-sided flyer, LTR for BEST in Illinois (IL)

Steves Mobile Music

Flyer 1 / Single-sided flyer, LTR for Steves Mobile Music in Iowa (IA)

GAL Manufacturing

Flyer GA Laxy Serial Hall Call Link / Single-sided flyer, LTR for GAL Manufacturing in New York (NY)

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