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Doing a Brochure

In this section we will be providing you with information about the elements that you have to collect to be given to your design company before they start designing your brochure.

Firstly, you have to think the objective or intention of your brochure, if it is going to be an advertising or informative brochure, for internal or external use, or both. If it is going to be distributed to everybody or to a few people. We mentioned this in other sections already.

Secondly, you have to have the text that you are going to use in your brochure. But before, you need to have an interview with somebody that works in the design company, that can help you to know how the text should be done (if you prefer you could exchange this ideas by mail). This representative will let you know how this text should be presented, how many characters you should use, and if it is going to be written in an informal or formal way.

Some companies have writers that can write the text for your brochure, and that can help you to delegate to them something that you might not have the time for doing.

Thirdly, you have to think about the pictures that you are going to have on your brochure. You could collect the pictures that you want to be showed in your brochure, but if you don’t have any, your design company will provide you with an image archive, in order for you to choose the ones that you think that are more convenient or the ones that represent your product or company.

It is a bit complicated choosing pictures for your brochure, not only because of its convenience, but also because of its quality. Sometimes some clients give to the design companies some pictures that they want to be showed and their brochure, but they’re not even good picture since they don’t have a good quality. For example, a client hires a design company to make a brochure, and he wants to have a picture of his company on it. The picture that the client has isn’t in good conditions to be in that brochure, so that is why the design company will consider taken a picture of that company by a professional. We could say that choosing an image or picture is more complicated than writing the text for the brochure.

The text and images have to be ready before starting with the brochure design. Always try to listen the recommendations that are being suggested to you, because they will help you to optimize your brochure design.

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