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Brochure Design

This site has been created to inform you how important a brochure could be to improve your corporate image.

We'll be taking a look to these three fundamental points:

  1. General and morphological features
  2. Advertising aspects
  3. Production process

This site exists since it is almost unknown how efficiently a brochure could improve your corporate image and its development. But unfortunately when a company is in the process of growing, the brochure is considered an unnecessary and irrelevant object for this growth.

Too many people think that doing a brochure is so simple that anybody can do it at any free time and the rest of the work is finished at the printing house. Because of this, too many printing houses not only offer you to have your brochure printed, but also to have it designed. Sometimes those are standardized designs and your brochure depends on people that don’t have experience on designing a brochure, that haven’t done any marketing investigation and can’t even offer you any experts in marketing or writing as the companies that are specialized in brochure design do.

The companies that are specialized in brochure design have all the necessary tools to make a good job on your company brochure design.

This work is not done only by the company, but with you. It has different stages:

  1. Exchange of ideas. This exchange is between you and the brochure design company. Here is where you tell the company what you have in mind to have your brochure done, and according to that the company will offer you new ideas and options.
  2. Compile the information. In this stage is where the images and texts for the brochure are chosen. It is possible that you have them already, or you want to be in charge of getting them, but if you don’t, there are writers available in these companies that can write the text as well as these companies can offer you getting the images for your brochure. This could help you to have your brochure done in a professional way.
  3. Revision. Once the design company has finished designing your brochure, you will be able to analyze if this brochure is the one that you were expecting or if you would like to make some changes on it.
  4. Translation. This is a service that is offer by some companies in order for your company to be known in other regions.
  5. Delivery. After all the revisions have been done and you have approved them, the design process is finished. Your design company will give you a file including your brochure ready to be sent to the printing house.

We created this site to help you to think what would be the best and the most convenient way for you to know about the brochure and its aspects.

It is important that you analyze every brochure aspect, fundamentally because every one of those will be helping you to have an effective brochure. The design companies are in charge of designing your brochure, but they can’t decide everything, it is you the one that decides how you want your brochure to be done. For that you have to be informed about the brochure and its general and specifics features, related to your corporate image or the way you want your company to be seen by your customers. These are the things that can’t be done by a specialized brochure design company, they could suggest you but you’re the only one that has the last word on your brochure design.

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