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Advertising - Marketing - Sales Brochures

Advertising - Marketing - Sales Brochures

These are the main aspects of a brochure. In this section we will be learning how these aspects works.

These powerful aspects are based on two characteristics; the first one is that the brochure has an immediate effect, and the second is that it is a material object.

In the first one, the brochure is presented to a potential customer; and it causes an immediate recognition effect. Its colors, diagram, typography, and mainly your company logo attract your potential customers´ attention and help them to recognize your company.

In traditional advertising, the receiver realizes about what company is the advertising from once the advertising clarifies it. But with the brochure, this recognition is immediate. The subconscious perception that is caused when a person can’t clearly recognize a company would be different from that perception that is felt when a company is introduced by itself. There is a design concept that will appear through all your different brochures, this is a characteristic that doesn’t bring your potential customers attention, and works subconsciously. Your potential customers will recognize that specific design that your company has, but this will be a subconscious perception. And next time they receive a new brochure of your company, subconsciously they know that this brochure belongs to your company but they don’t know that consciously. They experience a familiarity feeling with that brochure they have just received, but they don’t know why they feel the way they do. And when they realize that it’s your brochure company, they automatically relate that familiarity feeling to your company. It is not a negligible effect; you have to consider this effect as an advertising priority if you want to establish a relation with your potential customers.

When the marketing experts thing about a product design, they consider its recognition effect and how it persuades the customer. The brochure design is the best way to present your projects, your products ore services

The second characteristic that this advertising aspect has is the materiality.

The first characteristic is based on the sense of sight, and the second one in the sense of touch.

When you’re planning your company brochure, you have to think about its concept, its format, its size; as well as the type of paper the brochure is going to be printed on. The designer needs to know which type of paper you decided to use, since the brochure design will be depending on that. It’s not the same printing on a simple paper than doing that on a glossy or matte illustration paper.

Although in the marketing area there is not a wide investigation about the importance that the senses have in the consumer’s behavior, not even in the importance of the sense of touch, we could provide you with some information about how the sense of touch has influence on the consumer’s behavior and how this influence could be used as a marketing tool.

Some investigations reveal that the texture of a product has a direct relation with the customer’s associations. A smooth texture could be associated to the luxury or the femaleness, while a rough texture is associated to the maleness or the durability. When a consumer sees a flexible product he associates that product to the flexibility or the versatility, or when he sees a rigid product he associates that characteristic to the power and the security.

This means that you have to think what type of paper would be the most effective to transmit the message that you want your company brochure to transmit.

Let’s think this with some examples:

With regards to the materiality, we have to consider other aspects. The brochure is the only advertising object that can go in into your potential customers´ houses. The same happens with the TV and radio advertising, but they have a short permanence in their houses. But the brochure will still be there, to be taken and read at any time. The brochure is taken by your potential customers´ hands, is like having your product in their hands, they just need to go and purchase it.

In conclusion, we could say that a brochure is the only advertising object that coexists with your potential customers; it’s a tangible, material and real object.

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